Narrow Your News Search to Expand Your News Knowledge


I’ve been working with a US History teacher connecting Gilded Age topics to current issues still present in the United State (race relations, Native American rights, industrialization, etc). While being a good way to connect the present with the past, it also provides an opportunity to bring in current events and teach news literacy.

We decided to start them with by creating 3 custom google searches – “right” and “right-leaning” news outlets, “center” news outlets, and “left” and “left-leaning” news outlets. The list for each was not determined by us, but was compiled from the rankings from the All Sides Bias Ratings* site.

Example Search: Trump Wall




Give it a try**: Left   Center  Right

In short: Use these searches to be well-rounded. Read every side. Read every angle. Either way…know your news team.

*Don’t argue with me about where each news source is listed. Go vote on All Sides if you really think it should be different.

**It would be cool if you could embed the custom search and search from here, but I haven’t had any luck with that. If someone else knows how, please share. Thanks!