5 Reasons To Stop Using Lists in Educator Blogs – Unless It’s a Bucket List


So often we see blogs that tout the…

“5 Best Apps for…”
“10 reasons to use…”
“7 Ways to Change…”

Please, for the children, let’s slow it down. Here’s why.

  1. Educators are not sales people
    I’ll admit this whole “let’s not use lists” thing is partly my annoyance. But I’m often annoyed because it feels like educators are trying to sell something(or themselves). These lists are about reasons why you should use a certain product or do a certain thing – and if it’s not tied to a product it’s tied to an idea that’s tied to a product. We are not here to sell things. I may recommend things/ideas/products on this blog, but can’t emphasize enough that there’s no one right answer(hey, let’s make a list of all the possible answers), not one correct piece of technology, software, or app and I shouldn’t be here to push one.
  2. It’s not unique
    It’s easy and everyone is doing it. I get it. Lists also make writing a blog post easier because they give it structure (I sure had an easier time with this one). I know that I’ll use lists or rankings or numbers in general in blog posts, but I’m arguing for creativity. Have talking points, but change the title.
  3. Even Millionaires Don’t Use Lists
  4. They are rarely objective.
    We live in a world of rankings and ratings and there is so much data out there, but how we interpret the data can become very subjective. Do you think political candidates, looking at the same data, will come up with the same causes/solutions/priorities for it? That’s ok. Lists can be subjective(like this one), but when everybody has their own list for things, even based on similar data, it gets very overwhelming…
  5. Because I just can’t keep track of all your lists.

Unless, of course, you’re sharing a Bucket List. Then by all means…

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.07.33 AM


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