A Note on Twitter: Why I Don’t Need You To Like Me, I Just Want You To Listen


Are you following me on Twitter?

Does it matter?

Not really.

But it does…

I don’t need you to follow me to make me feel better about myself. I don’t look at my number of followers and think “well done, me. People must like you.”


But I do want you to follow me. Just like with a blog, we write because we want to be heard. On twitter I care much more about whether someone is listening because I really see it as a tool for news curation, networking, and professional development.

I want to be able to ask a question on twitter and know that I might get an answer or two from it.

We want to feel connected. It’s a natural human desire to connect – even if our desire for connecting may vary from person to person (I’m looking at you introvert).

So I don’t need to like me, but I would like you to listen to me…and maybe interact as well.


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